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Hi, I'm Nicole (she/her)!

I'm the person behind Munespice! I live in California with my partner (also in this photo) and my two cats (bosses) Pelly and Nadi. The person drawing the frogs, packing the orders, and replying with a bunch of typos to your IG comments... that's all me!

Munespice (pronounced "moon-spice") was created in 2019 with the idea that anyone can create and has since evolved to encompass my other passions & interests: education, connecting with nature, round animals, and creating cozy+fun spaces. 

I have a MSc in Art Therapy and strongly believe in the importance of finding activities that benefit our mental, physical, & emotional health, specifically in what works for each of us. I also believe in the fun and power of imagination, having always been inspired by magical tales and the worlds that they create.

I hope the products on this site can provide a little extra fun, knowledge, and happiness into your daily life. Thanks so much for being here! Have a wonderful week. ♥Nicole

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Why Frogs?

Glad you asked! *cracks knuckles and begins typing*

First, frogs are amazing creatures and deserve to be admired solely for their existence and importance to ecosystems around the world.

And then personally, they have a lot of meaning to me! I grew up in Florida where frogs were a part of life since childhood. For one example, my childhood home had a retention behind it so I frequently saw tree frogs on the patio screen and remember their songs at night. Because of these positive associations, frogs have always been one of my favorite animals.

I am often asked: Do you have pet frogs? I do not now, but I had African Dwarf Frogs when I was in elementary/middle school and loved them. But frogs, other amphibians, and animals in general require a lot of care and specific knowledge on how to help them live their best lives. Pets deserve all of the intentionality and research before adoption. Cats are best for my lifestyle now but I'd love to work toward adopting more frogs someday. :D

If you'd like to learn more about frogs, there are so many amazing resources! I like this page on amphibians from National Geographic (though be aware it is a resource page so there may be some articles bringing awareness to some unfortunate amphibian-related news).

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thank you so much for visiting! have a wonderful day!
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