Hi, I'm Nicole, and I am a California-based illustrator behind Munespice (pronounced moon-spice). Munespice was created with these 3 ideas in mind:

1) Art takes a variety of forms, from marks in sand to a story scribbled in a notebook to a dance in your home.

2) Incorporating art into regular routine can benefit mental wellbeing!

3) Anyone can create and it does not have to be ““good””, tied to monetary value, or even shared with the world. If you like creating something, whatever it may be, go for it! Keep going if it makes you happy!

Beside all that, I love my cat Pelly, Pokemon (Bulbasaur forever), chilling on hills with views of the city, and listening to some chill tunes.

Thank you for stopping by - have a great day!!

Best, Nicole

P.S. The name Munespice comes from my lifetime love of gazing at the moon and the idea that art is a spice of life!