About Munespice

Hi, I'm Nicole, and I'm the person behind Munespice! I live in California with my partner and my two cats (bosses) Pelly and Nadi. The person drawing the frogs, packing the orders, and replying with a bunch of typos to your IG comments... that's all me!

Munespice (pronounced "moon-spice") was created in 2019 with the idea that anyone can create and has since evolved to encompass my other passions & interests: education, connecting with nature, round animals, and creating cozy+fun spaces.

I have a MSc in Art Therapy and strongly believe in the importance of finding activities that benefit our mental, physical, & emotional health, specifically in what works for each of us. I also believe in the fun and power of imagination, having always been inspired by magical tales and the worlds that they create.

I hope the products on this site can provide a little extra fun and happiness into your daily life. Thanks so much for being here! Have a wonderful week. ♥Nicole

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