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Product Grading

Grading & Care Guide

Throughout this site, you might find information about different product "grades." In general, we refer to everything as "standard" grade. This means that unless otherwise noted, the products are free of errors or have small errors that are generally unnoticeable from far away or do not affect the overall functionality of the item. As most items are handmade (by me or a manufacturer), there is some variability and very rarely anything that is 100% "perfect." Please read below for information regarding standard grade of products as well as advised care for some products.

Standard Grade Information


For plushies, standard variations include: extra threads, smooshed shapes that are reshape able with a little fluffing, slight variations in embroidery, and some remnants of embroidery paper (which can be removed from the item with tweezers, carefully).

Enamel Pins

Standard variations for enamel pins include: slight overfill or underfill of enamel, slight discoloration of metal on the front or back, pin backing colors, and very small specks and scratches that cannot be seen unless looked at very closely or in certain lighting. Anything beyond these variations are called "b-grades" or "seconds" and are not for sale on this site.

Printed Items (prints, stickers, memo pads, etc.)

Variations for these items include: exact size (usually differences of less than .25") and minor specks.

For stickers, there may some slight peeling from backings but no problems when peeled from the backing and placed on a surface.

Additionally, for memo pads, there may be slight damage to the first page as this first page serves as a cover during shipping. This may include some dents, scuffing, or missing print.

Care information


Plushies are hand wash only. Please do not put them in the washing machine - they are afraid of the tumbling!

Hats, Bags & Apparel

It is not recommend to wash hats, bags, and apparel in the washing machine. Washing inside out in the washer on the coldest setting is generally okay, but please be advised this may cause damage and/or shrinkage. The dryer is not recommended for any of these items, especially for the hats and bags as there may be significant shrinkage depending on the heat setting. It is advised to hand wash cold and lay flat to dry in a well lit and dry room.

Charms & Keychains

If your charm looks scratched upon arrival, there is a high chance that the charm still has its protective film on it. This is meant to protect the charm during travel. Whenever desired, feel free to peel this film from both sides carefully.

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