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You are walking...

...through a coastal forest that smells of both the sea and mountain air when you see a sparkle that catches your eye. Looking closer, you find a lone moonflower. Peculiar, it's daytime and yet it blooms. Even stranger, there is a sound of wind that calls to you while the forest around you is still. As you move through the brush, you stumble and fall through a hole...no, a tree hollow?

Confused but unharmed, you get up and notice sunlight just a short way ahead. You climb out of the tree to find an extraordinary garden and little creatures running about. Welcome to Muneflower Hollow!

Spice the Magical Frog

Upon entering Muneflower Hollow, a little green frog puts on her salmon-colored witch hat and says, "Welcome, traveler!" After greetings and introductions, you find that her name is Spice and she is the caretaker of this land and its inhabitants, including her Froglings. Everywhere she leaps, the ground seems to glow and tiny sprouts appear. She is certainly no ordinary frog.


Although I've been drawing magical frogs for a long time, the first time I posted one to social media was November 15th, 2020! So, this is Spice's birthday. :) Her design has changed a bit over the years but she has always been a fire mage determined to learn other types of magic and help protect the forest she calls home.

Fun fact: Spice's coloring is based upon the Squirrel Tree Frog, my favorite type of frog. The Squirrel Tree Frog which is a tree frog very common in Florida, where I grew up! There was a retention pond behind my childhood home, and I remember finding these frogs climbing our patio screen and hearing their songs many a night.

learn more about squirrel tree frogs

what is a "Frogling"?

Frogling is a term used in the magical world of Muneflower Hollow to combine the words frog + seedling. Spice's magic sometimes goes a little funny and a little froggy may be born as part of her gardening, cooking, or other activities. Sometimes, froglings appear in my art as tiny frogs or they take on parts of plants or objects. Either way, they all are important and loved residents of Muneflower Hollow. You can learn about them below!

By the way, there is a real term "froglet" that sometimes may be called a "frogling," which refers to the change from tadpole to frog when the young frog loses their gills and tail to gain legs and stronger lungs. Unlike real-life frogs, most of my Froglings don't have a tadpole stage.


Rose is an adventurous friend who loves helping others. She is happy to lend a hand or give a hug to someone who needs it. She tries to remember it's important to take time to herself and usually does this by taking walks.

Birthday: March 19
Likes: Strawberries


Tea loves creating and believes anyone can do so! She hosts community art projects in the garden that everyone, from tadpoles to elders, can participate in. She also has a small business where she sells art throughout the land.

Birthday: August 14
Likes: Noodles


Chamomile is the calmest friend in the garden. He can fall sleep anytime & anywhere, sometimes even in the middle of dessert. He likes to make tea for his friends to help them sleep well, too!

Birthday: January 17
Likes: Lychee Jelly


Lavender loves to go out with their friends to dinner and the movies. Their friends are thankful to have a thoughtful friend like lavender who always remembers their birthday. When it's time to relax, they like to read a good book and cozy up by the fire or sit by the pond.

Birthday: October 29
Likes: Tomato Soup


Mint is the funniest frog around. He's always learning new jokes to cheer up his friends. The best part about Mint's humor is that he never uses his words to hurt others. He knows jokes are best when he and his friends are smiling.

Birthday: February 8
Likes: Kettlecorn


Aloe's favorite subject in school was music. They love to sing and play piano, especially with their friends at Lavender's trivia nights. Aloe aims to become a music therapist and work with elderly frogs to help them feel happy memories through music.

Birthday: June 2
Likes: Veggie Paninis


Blueberry loves to read and is training under Ferdie at the library so he can become a librarian! He's stronger than he looks from carrying books and helps to lift his partner Strawberry so she can pick her garden's berries.

Birthday: July 28
Likes: Milk Tea


Strawberry loves tending to the berries in her garden and hosting picnics amongst the fruits! She makes healthy lunches and encourages her partner Blueberry as he works toward becoming a librarian.

Birthday: June 16
Likes: Popsicles


Pumpkin Frog was born on a vine and has never stopped growing. He is very big because he eats a lot in preparation for hibernation!! He likes to remind others that it's important to eat and sleep :D 🎃

Birthday: September 20
Likes: 3-Bean Chili


Ghost used to get really nervous about scaring others in the forest so they started carrying a little bell, sort of like a footstep. Now, the sound of the bell in the forest brings smiles to travelers because it means a friend is near. 

Birthday: May 6
Likes: Green Tea


Mush is a simple frogling and likes to enjoy the sounds and scents of the forest. Nothing makes her happier than to sit in the shade and watch the clouds go by.

Birthday: November 1
Likes: Buttered Pasta


Candy is very sweet and maybe even a little sticky but please don't mistake him for a treat! Instead, he'd love to show you where the best fruits and vegetables can be found in the garden. 

Birthday: April 4
Likes: Candied Applies


Gingerbread woke up on an oven sheet and gave Spice quite a scare! She loves to lend a hand in the kitchen and bake cookies for her friends.

Birthday: December 24
Likes: Dark Chocolate

madonna lily

Madonna Lily is a little mischievous but has a good heart. You might find your house keys in your shoe with him around but he'd never let you look too long for them.

Birthday: April 30
Likes: Marshmallows


coming soon!


coming soon!

(Old man) Chowder

Old Man Chowder is a sleepy guy who loves to sit by the pond and blow his (bubble) pipe. He is very chill and go with the flow unless talking about conservation and protection of natural world - he is very passionate about these topics. He is not a Frogling and is in fact an elder to Spice.

He was originally inspired by a potential trip to Yellowstone but Western Toads are also along the west coast as well! Western Toads are, overall, on the near threatened conservatory list, meaning their populations are decreasing. They are a protected species in several states because of this.

learn more about western toads

Besides Spice, her Froglings, and Chowder there are other friends who live in Muneflower Hollow. Read below to learn more about them!

ferdie the librarian

Ferdie (Ferdinand) is a little bird who works at the Forest's Library.

noodles the pilot

Noodles is a good pup who's working on building a hot air balloon to travel to distant lands.

Muneflower hollow locations

Spice's Magical Garden

This is where Spice takes care of her Froglings, her herbs, and her apothecary. This is also where she hosts her Botanical Society meetings.

the frogling cafe

Rose and Tea run this cafe for all residents and visitors. They use only the freshest of ingredients. While they have many seasonal menus, they always have tea and homemade snacks.

the forest

This is where you will find the library and the homes of some of the friends like Ferdie, Ghost, Butter, and Toast.

the lake

The Lake is still a very mysterious area. Spice has heard the tale that two lake spirits protect the lake.

Spice's Apothecary

Welcome! Spice the Frog has traveled around the world learning about plants. She was so inspired she even asked them to come back to Muneflower Hollow to live in her magical garden, where they can teach the other residents about their unique and amazing properties! Thus, Spice's Apothecary was born.

This botanical-themed collection is a love letter to the amazing world of herbs and plants. For millennia and across cultures, plants have not only been an important staple in cooking to sustain life but also used to help treat wounds or illness and improve overall health. I created this collection with the aim of sharing knowledge about some of the coolest little plants through pins and illustration.

see the kickstarter

Damascus Rose

more info coming soon!

Lily of the valley

more info coming soon!


more info coming soon!


more info coming soon!


more info coming soon!


more info coming soon!


more info coming soon!

St. John's wort

more info coming soon!

thank you for visiting!

We hope you enjoyed your stay in Muneflower Hollow. This page will continue to grow and have more information thanks to you!

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